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Ultimate Business Mastery Series - Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins presents
The Ultimate Business Mastery System
How to Maximise Your Sales, Management and Marketing to Thrive in Any Economic Time!

DVD Set One – Anthony Robbins (In Accenture’s top 50 Business Leaders of the Century)

Creating the Ultimate Business Advantage: The 5 Disciplines to Thrive

      1. Anthony Robbins – Introduction
        1. Quick Start: How to get maximum results out of this program
      2. Anthony Robbins – Discipline 1
        1. Invincible leadership: The secret to explosive growth
      3. Anthony Robbins – Discipline 2
        1. The only 3 ways to grow your business: How to create geometric growth now?
      4. Anthony Robbins – Discipline 3
        1. Strategic Innovations: 5 actions that will give you an unfair advantage
      5. Anthony Robbins – Discipline 4
        1. The power of influence: Solve problems and Win!
      6. Anthony Robbins – Discipline 5
        1. The Rapid Planning Method: 3 Master steps to take immediate control of your time, your life and your business
      7. Anthony Robbins – Integration
        1. The 5 keys to Wealth and Happiness
      8. Anthony Robbins – Pathway to Profits
        1. How we went from Zero to a Billion in the Home Building Business with CEO Gerado de Nicolas (top House Builder and Developer Mexico &    listed in New York Exchange)

DVD Set Two – Chet Holmes (USA’s bestselling author and World Leading authority on Sales)
The 12 Core Strategies of Business & How to go from $0 to $100 Million ……..
or Billion

      1. Chet Holmes – Becoming a Marketing Master
        1. Secrets of Super Strategist and How to build a Core Story
      2. Chet Holmes – How to build a complete, Turnkey Virtual Sales Organisation on Straight Commission
      3. Chet Holmes – Best Buyer Strategy
        1. The fastest, least expensive method to double sales
      4. Chet Holmes – Create the Competitive Advantage
        1. How to go from $0 to $100 Million …. Or a Billion
      5. Chet Holmes – Time and Results
        1. Management Secrets of Billionaires
      6. Chet Holmes – Hiring Key TalentChet Holmes – The seven “Musts” of marketing
        1. The key that makes (or costs) you millions
      7. Chet Holmes – The seven “Musts” of marketing
      8. Chet Holmes – Detailing and perfecting the Sale Process
      9. Chet Holmes – Perfecting your follow up
      10. Chet Holmes – The High Art of getting an appointment with anyone
        1. Part 1
      11. Chet Holmes – The High Art of getting an appointment with anyone
        1. Part 2
      12. Chet Holmes – Professional Presenting
        1. Rules and Skills of Training

DVD Set Three – Modeling the Masters (learn from the best in the World in their fields)
Insights, strategies & proven systems for maximizing your business

      1. Stephen M. R. Covey – Author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
        1. The speed of Trust
      2. Tony Hsieh – Internet Billionaire - Online Shoe Retail Store – Just sold to Amazon for over a Billion
        1. The Zappos Story: How we deliver Happiness and Make Billions
      3. Jay Abraham – leading expert for over 30 years in Sales and Marketing
        1. The strategy of preeminence: Understanding the needs of your clients to maximize your business success
        2. The Maven Matrix: How to achieve stature as a recognized expert in your market
        3. Common questions about growing your business
      4. Eben Pagan – Internet Millionaire
        1. How to think like a marketing genius
      5. Gary Vanerchak – Internet Millionaire
        1. How to live your passion and build a business!
      6. Internet Marketing Masters
        1. Vishen Lakhiani – Internet Millionaire
          1. The 6 patterns that will make your customer fall in love with you- (Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
        2. Anik Singal – Internet Millionaire
          1. 5 steps to generating online leads and sales through pay per click (Google Advertising)
        3. Mike Koenigs – Internet Millionaire
            The 10x10x14 Formula – using video technology to reach, touch and provide value to your customers, including making money!
        4. Internet Marketing Speakers Panel: Questions from the audience on how to actually do it – their own examples
      7. Andy Miller
        1. Consultative Selling – do you want to play poker with your clients or be their doctor?
      8. Brendon Burchard – Leading Speaker and Author
        1. Harnessing the power of corporate Sponsorships and Nonprofit Partners
      9. Scott Hallman
        1. The windfall profits workshop – metrics, measure, analysis & up sell your way to a successful business.
      10. Jill Lublin
        1. Create the news, control your message
      11. Mark Thompson
        1. What is your company worth? Billionaire Secrets
      12. Scott Hallman
        1. The hierarchy of opportunities workshop

Scott Picken has read all the books, been on the Webinars and also travelled to Las Vegas in January 2010 for Business Mastery 1 at a cost of R250 000. He then went to Fiji for Business Mastery 2 at a similar cost. He believes this is so valuable for South African Businesses that he has arranged with Business Breakthroughs International to bring these DVD’s & training directly to South African’s, providing them massive value and ensuring their Success in any Economy!